Are you ready for the job?

In order to prepare for the language requirements of the job market and at work, the Language Learning Institute / Sprachlehrinstitut offers courses for both German and English, which include job-related topics. The current course program of the Language Learning Institute (Sprachlehrinstitut) can be found here.

The course Deutsch@Work deals with key aspects of  living and working in Germany. In addition, the university learning platform moodle offers a series of online modules on the topic of employment in Germany, which complement and support classroom teaching.

Besides German, good competencies in English are important for the national and international job market. In order to deepen your language skills and to get an insight into work-related issues, various courses can be taken in the English@Work series. They focus on topics such as office communication, meetings and negotiations, working internationally and academic writing. The courses are also supported by online modules on the moodle platform.

Courses of the English@Work series:

  • English@Work - Working Internationally
  • English@Work - Meetings and Negotiations
  • English@Work - Presenting in English
  • English@Work - Academic Writing

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