The research & knowledge transfer priorities of the schools

The understanding of the concept of “transfer” among the various schools is as multifaceted as the range of subjects taught at our university and each school has its own priorities and fields of relevant activity. What all schools have in common is the territorial action radius of their research & knowledge transfer activities, which extends from the local to the international.

Beyond this, all schools and research fields view the concept of research & knowledge transfer as a bi-directional endeavour. Specialised expertise, methodological skills and joined-up thinking as responses and proposed solutions to the concrete challenges facing the economy, institutions and society are offered, processed and presented in appropriate formats.

In return, students and researchers collaborate with regional stakeholders to explore and develop application oriented research and development desiderata, which, inter alia, are then worked upon in interdisciplinary projects and on the basis of the qualitative cornerstones of the scientific method.

Among other things, different understandings of the transfer concept are a function of different approaches to knowledge processing and publication, the chosen formats and the target groups addressed. Whilst all faculties participate equally in the exchange of information with scientific institutions (universities, research centres and institutes), collaboration with corporate entities is more of a priority for researchers working in engineering and economic disciplines. Researchers in the arts and humanities, on the other hand, tend to collaborate primarily with social agencies and institutions.

The structuring of the following selection of examples of transfer projects by various faculties corresponds to the University of Wuppertal teaching and research profiles (which are explained in the Mission Statement and in the Research & Knowledge Transfer Strategy).

Teaching and research profiles (a) - (f)

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