Corona and science – inspiration from an unexpected quarter

Dear readers,

The Corona pandemic led to severe restrictions and changes in almost all areas of daily life. Many processes that were previously completely natural and routine had to be rethought and organised differently.

The implementation of research and teaching activities at the University of Wuppertal, of course, did not remain unaffected and - based on our "Uni@Home" concept - led to a qualitative and quantitative expansion of digital teaching in all academic disciplines.

As this example shows, this crisis also challenged us to develop creative solutions for dealing with it, both in daily life and in academia.

With this online collection, we would like to introduce you to some of those research and development projects that were inspired or accelerated by the framework conditions or even the effects of the Corona pandemic.

For example, you will learn how COVID-19 spreads compared to other infectious diseases, how neighbourhood support is coordinated during the pandemic, or the impact of social isolation during the Corona crisis.

We wish you many inspiring moments while reading.

Prof Dr-Ing. Anke Kahl
Vice-President for Planning, Finance and Transfer




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