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What additional courses are available?

Depending on your status at the University of Wuppertal, you can join different course programs.

1. As an occasional student:

As an occasional student, there are a number of courses available for you, including the evening courses 'German in the Evening' at levels A1 to B1 and the Mathematics course in German. This course is aimed at students from subjects that require mathematical knowledge, such as engineering.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars at the university without, however, receiving any credit points.  

Information about the  lectures and seminars offered by the individual subject fields at the University of Wuppertal can be found in the course catalog Studilöwe.

2. As a student in the intensive German course:  

You can choose from the preparatory German courses A1 to C1, for which you will find further information under the menu items "How can I learn German".

As soon as you have successfully passed the final German exam DSH and you are enrolled in your field of study you can take courses in other languages. On the website of the Language Learning Institute / Sprachlehrinstitut you will find a wide range of different offers. German courses for academic purposes and courses for German and English, which focus on preparing you for the job market and professional life, can already be joined at an earlier stage, i.e. when attending our German intensive program. For further information, please see "German & English for the job".

Online modules on various topics are also created, which you will find under the menu item "Courses & Events".

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