Invention Report

Please complete the following form if you have made an invention whilst in the employ of or contracted by the University of Wuppertal, and submit it to the university authorities (President or Vice President for Administration and Finance). Please also forward a copy of the form to the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office marked for the attention of Dr. Jonk.

The Research & Knowledge Transfer Office will check the form for completeness. Provided that all necessary documentation and information is included in the Invention Report, the university will first carry out a number of formal reviews. These will primarily involve a review of the inventor’s employment status at the University of Wuppertal as well as a review of potential third-party claims on the reported invention, which may, for example, arise pursuant to projects funded by third parties. With a maximum of 3 weeks following the submission of the completed documentation, PROvendis will then be tasked with carrying out a formal evaluation of the invention. This evaluation will include the patentability and marketability analysis and will result in a recommendation to either release the invention into the private property of the inventor or for the University of Wuppertal to lay claim to the invention. They are required to take a final decision within 4 months of taking receipt of the completed documentation. In the event that the inventor is planning a publication in relation to the invention, this period will be shortened to 2 months.

The university will decide on the matter during a Presidial Session of the University Administration. In the event that the university releases the invention into the private property of the inventor(s), the inventor(s) will be permitted to exploit the invention in their own name. Should the university choose to claim the invention, PROvendis will be tasked with making all arrangements necessary for patenting and exploitation. This will be carried out in close collaboration with the inventor(s), who will, for example, be involved in appointing a suitable patent agent and in connection with licensing agreements with interested businesses).

Invention Report Form (pdf)

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