We do not learn from history what to should do. But we can learn from it what we have to consider. That is infinitely important. (Richard von Weizsäcker)

In the series "100 years ago", researchers at Bergische Universität look at events 100 years ago that have changed and shaped society.

Recent articles

How messenger substances of nerve cells cause electrical signals / Prof. Dr. Julia Bornhorst (Food Chemistry)

100th anniversary of the death of the composer Camille Saint-Saëns / Dr. Hans-Werner Boresch (Music Education)

An advertising slogan conquers the world / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fabian Hemmert (Interface and User Experience Design)

Emergency Money: One Egg for 320 Billion Marks / Prof. Dr. Hans Frambach (Economic Science)

100th birthday of Max Kruse / Dr. Stefan Neumann (German Studies)

First film by the duo Laurel and Hardy / Dr. Dominik Orth (Modern German Literature / German Studies Department

The last Bavarian King / Dr. Georg Eckert (History)

Foundation of the authors' association PEN / Prof. Dr. Matias Martinez (German Studies)

The moving drop of water / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Janoske (Mechanical Engineering)

Table football game "Tipp Kick" / Prof. Dr. Eckart Balz (Sports Science)

The discovery of insulin / Prof. Dr. Martin Simon (Molecular Cell and Microbiology)

The Development of Punch and Judy Show Theatre / Prof. em. Dr. Heinz Rölleke (German Studies)

100th anniversary of the death of the star tenor Enrico Caruso / Prof. Dr. Thomas Erlach (Music Didactics)

Start of school sports lessons / Prof. Dr Eckart Balz (Sports Science)

Birth of the tractor / Hermann Arens (Former employee in building safety and environmental management)

Tarzan: Phenomenon of a Jungle Hero / Prof. Dr. Anne-Rose Meyer (German Studies)

Marshmallows from the mouse factory / Prof. Dr Julia Bornhorst (Food Chemistry)

100th birthday of Sophie Scholl / Prof. Dr. Peter Imbusch (Sociology of Politics)

Epoch of wild experiments / Dr Georg Eckert (History)

First Children's Art Exhibition / Prof. Dr. Jochen Krautz (Art Education)

World premiere of the operetta "Der Vetter aus Dingsda" / Prof. Dr. Thomas Erlach (Music Didactics)

The architectural sculptures of the Barmer Town Hall / Dr. Doris H. Lehmann (Art History)

Quaker Feedings / apl. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Heinrichs (Modern History)

Founding of the Gucci business empire / Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann (Business start-up and economic development)

Invention of the light-tone process / Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Uwe E. Kraus (Communications Engineering)

State of Aggregation: Plasma / Dr Hendrik Kersten (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry)

Operation Nemesis / Dr Sabine Mangold-Will (History)

Introduction of the Universal Women's Day / Sophie Charlott Ebert (Equality and Diversity Unit)

On the extinction of species and the Lazarus effect / Prof. Dr. Gela Preisfeld (Biology)

Hamlet as a Woman / Prof. Dr. Sandra Heinen (English/American Studies)

World premiere of Chaplin's film "The Kid" / AR Till Müller (Design Audiovisual Media)

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