Stage Flat Rate for Students - Free Theatre and Concert Visits!

07.08.2023|17:16 Uhr

Students of the University of Wuppertal can reserve two tickets per student for opera, theatre and symphony concerts in Wuppertal from 10 days before the performance or concert.

Stage free for students

The following applies to students of the University of Wuppertal:

For all opera, theatre performances and for symphony concerts, two tickets per student can be reserved at the KulturKarte from 10 days before the performance or concert:

Tel. +49 (0) 202 563 7666

This does not apply to premieres, guest performances and special concerts.

Both tickets are free of charge and must be collected from the box office or evening box office at least 30 minutes before the performance begins by showing your student ID. Alternatively, it is possible to ask for remaining tickets from the "Bühne frei" contingent shortly before the performance begins, even without a reservation. There is no entitlement to the tickets.

The "Bühne frei" campaign is financed by the AStA and the Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal.

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