Enrolment deadlines

German course: 15 October (Winter semester) / 15 April (Summer semester)

Studies: 31 October (Winter semester) / 30 April (Summer semester)

Doctoral studies: 30 November (Winter semester) / 31 May (Summer semester)

Required documents

  • Fully completed and signed application for enrolment
  • A passport photo
  • Copy of the personal data from your passport or the front and back of your ID card
  • Copy of your valid visa/residence permit for study purposes (non-EU)
  • Insurance certificate for study purposes from a German or German-recognised health insurance company (see sample enclosure)
  • Copy of the letter of admission
  • If you have already studied in Germany Certificate of enrolment and de-registration from the last university you attended
  • Copies of all certificates you have uploaded to uni-assist


As BUW has switched to a purely online application procedure since winter semester 2021/22, you do not need to submit certified copies when enrolling, provided you have applied via uni-assist.

This does not apply to the cases mentioned in the paragraph "Exceptions to the uni-assist application procedure" and if official copies were requested on your admission notice.

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