Health Insurance

All BUW applicants must provide evidence of adequate health insurance on enrollment at BUW.

If you belong to a public health insurance organization in a member state of the EU or EFTA and complete the international form E109, E 111 or E 112, or alternatively hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you will be eligible for medical treatment in any other EU or EFTA member state. The E-form or EHIC card must in this case be presented on enrollment.

If you do not have a health insurance of your own that is valid for Germany, you must, immediately on arrival in Wuppertal, register with a German health insurance organization, either public or private, for the duration of your program at BUW. As a rule, German health insurance organizations cover the costs of medicine, doctor’s bills and hospital expenses.

If you have up to now been insured as a student through your parents’ private health insurance, or intend now to take out private health insurance, and have never been insured with a public health insurance scheme, you will require for enrollment, in addition to your private health insurance certificate, a so-called exemption certificate (Befreiungsbescheinigung) from a public health insurance organization (e.g. AOK, TK, BEK) – a health insurance certificate (or card) alone is not sufficient. The exemption certificate will be valid and irrevocable for the entire period of your studies in Germany: this means that it will no longer be possible for you to change to a public health insurance organization. However, if you were at any time in the past insured with a public health insurance organization, that organization will still be responsible for insuring you now.

Health Insurance for participants in German language courses

All participants in German language courses at Bergische Universität Wuppertal must take out adequate health insurance with a private German health insurance organization before enrolling at the university.

The private health insurance certificate must be presented on enrollment. After successful completion of the German language course you can then apply for health insurance with a public health insurance organization for the duration of your degree program as explained above.

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