Counselling and complaints offices, ombudspersons

General contact points

Below you will find an overview of all general counselling services.

As ombudspersons, Prof Dr Julia Bornhorst and PD Dr Thomas Wagner are the contact persons for questions of good scientific practice and advise members of the University of Wuppertal in the event of conflicts. You can find out more on the pages for good scientific practice.

Since 1 July 2012, Professor Dr Stefan Thiele, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, has been appointed Compliance Officer at Berschische Universität.

The office of Anti-Corruption Officer is currently held by Prof Dr Kathrin Klamroth.

You can find the contact details of the counselling service on the pages of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit.

To the page of the equal opportunities and diversity unit.

The equal opportunities officer is the counselling and contact point for all members of the university and has many other tasks. You can find out more on the website.

The decentralised Equal Opportunities Officers are appointed by the faculties and take on a variety of tasks. You can find out what these are in detail on the pages of the decentralised equal opportunities officers.

Whether you need advice, holiday care or support in balancing studying or working with a child, the families office advises all university members on these topics.

At the University of Wuppertal, there are contact persons for addiction problems who have been trained in occupational addiction counselling.

The Healthy University pages provide you with important information on the topic of health and an overview of the health-promoting programmes at the university. You will also find a general counselling guide with contact persons, especially on the subject of health.

Contact points for students

Contact points for employees

Below you will find an overview of all counselling services and complaints offices for employees of the University of Wuppertal.

Confidential help and counselling for university employees is available from the psychological counselling centre.

The representative body for disabled employees represents the interests of employees with severe disabilities, employees with equivalent disabilities and employees who have submitted or intend to submit an application for recognition.

The Academic and Artistic Staff Council represents the interests of academic and artistic staff, research assistants and lecturers at BUW vis-à-vis the department.

You can find the contact details of the counselling service on the pages of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit.

The Staff Council for Technical and Administrative Employees provides support in the event of questions or problems at the workplace, suggestions or complaints to the department management or questions about laws, collective agreements and service agreements.

Representation of the interests of all young people and trainees at the university of Wuppertal.

The external social contacts are the first point of contact for problems and conflicts with direct social and health implications beyond the private sphere.

The Complaints Office under the General Equal Treatment Act is responsible for staff and employees of the university, but also for applicants.

The aim of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) is to uncover violations of EU law (in particular corruption, money laundering, tax evasion and environmental pollution). Employees of the University of Wuppertal are authorised to report.

Further information can be found on the HinSchG reporting centre pages.

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