Teaching and research profile (d):

Language, narration and editing

(selected examples)


The “19th-Century Philosophy Project”

The objective of this comprehensive publication process is the compilation of a three-volume edition of 19th-century philosophy originally published in German. These will be published as part of the “History of Philosophy Compendium” (Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie) book series. This edition encompasses a period spanning the post-Kantian era to the end of the First World War.

Faculty 1, department of philosophy.

The “Center for Narrative Research” project

The interdisciplinary Center for Narrative Research (ZEF) was established to analyse the distinctive features of literary narration and its historical development. In addition, researchers there are interested in narration in film, narratives in everyday life and social institutions as well as the formats and functions that can be identified in literary and non-literary narrative practice in specific medial, historical, cultural and political contexts. Its initiatives include the Narrative Colloquium, the Narratology Study Group, the Wuppertal Narratology Graduate Forum and, since 2012, the interdisciplinary journal DIEGESIS.

Faculty 1, various departments.


The “Jordaens and Antiquity” project

An article entitled “Psyche – Satyrs – Philosophers. Jordaens and the Wisdom of the Ancients” has been written for a companion volume produced in connection with an exhibition of works by the Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens at the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique (Brussels).

Faculty 8, department of art and media design.


The “Text Cohesion” project

This project addresses the question of the extent to which textual cohesion influences the ability of schoolchildren (Year 10) to comprehend a given text and under what circumstances. The focus is on two specific cohesion markers, whose influence on textual comprehension is analysed: temporal adverbs and tenses.

School of Education, Institute of Educational Research.

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