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Business, innovation and economic change

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Project “bizeps”

The University of Wuppertal’s in-house Business Incubator Initiative comprises a skills network based in the Bergisch Land Region and offers consultancy and business start-up services to students, researchers and graduates of the University of Wuppertal. The prime mover and central reference point for the bizeps project is the University of Wuppertal, which as an Entrepreneurial University, provides targeted support for spin-off business start-ups originating within the university. Project “bizeps” is independently funded by the University of Wuppertal and various regional partner organisations.

Faculty 3, Schumpeter School.

Project “IQZ”

The IQZ (Institute for Quality and Reliability Management) was established as an independent spin-off from the University of Wuppertal and began operating in June 2012. Through the long-term project experience of the staff, the company has access to decades worth of expertise in safety (and security) and reliability management. The IQZ customer portfolio includes everything from SMEs operating in the field of machine engineering to DAX-30 companies in the aviation industry.

Faculty 7, department of security technology.

The “Info-Key” project

Info-Key was founded by two Mechanical Engineering graduates, and currently provides software for the intelligent design of mechanisms and Q-mining for the evaluation of large data volumes, e.g., for the reduction of waste. Their customers include the automotive industry and their suppliers based within and outside of the region.

Faculty 7, department of machine engineering.


Project “SEPHE”

“Supporting the Entrepreneurial Potential of Higher Education” is a think tank project which provides the European Commission with policy guidance. Based on twenty case studies of European universities designed to qualify entrepreneurial thinking and actions, the project contributes to the understanding of university-based opportunities for the promotion of entrepreneurial activities and student skills and identifies future development potential.

Faculty 3, Schumpeter School.

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