"Backstage Uni Wuppertal": Third podcast episode online

14.03.2024|08:29 Uhr

Studying, teaching, informing, administering, providing: who are the people you meet at the University of Wuppertal? How did they get here and what makes this place so special for them? This is what students and employees tell us in the new podcast "Backstage Uni Wuppertal". The third episode has now been released.

In the third podcast episode, Dr Julian Rautenberg talks about his work as an astroparticle physicist.

In it, Dr Julian Rautenberg takes listeners on a journey into his day-to-day work as an astroparticle physicist. In the interview, he talks about why Argentina is better suited for astrophysical measurements than the Bergisches Land region, what you can do to inspire young talent for your own subject and that even a long period of time can feel much shorter if you spend it doing something you enjoy.

The podcast is published monthly and can be accessed via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. You can also find it on the "Backstage Uni Wuppertal" website.

Anne MacDonald
Content Manager "Student Life Cycle"
Email contentslc@uni-wuppertal.de

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