Welcome to the Bergische Universiät Wuppertal

Welcome to the Bergischen Universität Wuppertal

Thank you for choosing Wuppertal for your research. The University of Wuppertal is a strongly research-focused institution situated in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) the state with Europe’s most closely-knit academic and research landscape. As well as its many different teaching programs the University of Wuppertal offers you a wide spectrum of research activities, covering both fundamental and applied research in almost all departments. The key competency of the University of Wuppertal lies in the interdisciplinary dovetailing of its research activities. The four already established Interdisciplinary Research Centers indicate the strategic orientation of its research.

The high national and international ranking regularly achieved by the University of Wuppertal for the quality and range of its research is due in no small measure to its excellent international scholars and researchers.

The university provides various services to help your stay in Wuppertal. These range from assistance in looking for accommodation to intercultural and academic training, language courses and cultural programs.

Before setting out for Wuppertal you should get in touch with your academic supervisor of the department in which you will pursue your research and inform yourself about the specific conditions available in Wuppertal, as well as in Germany as a whole. Personal help and information is available on the website of the Center for Graduate Studies and of the International Center, as well as from your supervisor. For you as a visiting scientist the University of Wuppertal has a lot to offer – see for yourself!


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