Departing from Wuppertal

  • you should return your keys and all equipment that you have borrowed from the Universtity of Wuppertal.
  • you should inform your health insurance company about your departure.

  • you should de-register at the Residents' Registration Office of Wuppertal. To do this, you need to make an appointment. You can make an appointment online. Please select under the header Meldeangelegenheiten "Abmeldung" and the number of people you want to de-register.
  • you should inform your health insurance company that you are planning to leave Germany. Please note that your health insurance company will ask you to provide proof of your departure.
  • you should de-register from the Broadcasting service to avoid further payment.
  • you should cancel all contracts such as your tenacy agreement as well as other contracts, including Internet, electricity etc. With some service providers, it is possible to terminate the contract early if it can be proven that you are leaving Germany. Therefore, it is advisable that you inform your service provider early about this possibility in order to avoid possible continued payments.
  • you should close your bank account. If you do not close your bank account, you may be charged fees.

  • you should terminate your tenancy agreement and, if applicable, any service contracts.
  • you should re-register at the registration office of your new place of residence within 14 days.


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