Information for university staff

If you notice in your dealings with students that they are particularly stressed by the war situation, please refer them to the following counselling centres:

There are no changes in teaching or in any other areas of the university. Russian students can continue to attend classes, take exams and use all other university services without restriction.

Air traffic between Russia and Germany has been suspended. The German diplomatic mission in Russia provides information on possible travel routes.

In addition, the transfer of money from Russia to Germany is extremely restricted. This particularly affects students who want to finance their studies privately (e.g. through their family) and are to receive monthly payments from Russia.

The Department 5 - Staff Office Psychological Counselling is available for you. Your contact person is Ms Britta Marfels.

The department's work includes the following counselling and assistance services:

  • Help in difficult work and life situations
  • Counselling for personnel managers
  • Support in assessing psychological stress in the workplace (psychological risk assessment § 5.3 ArbSchG)
  • Dealing with transgressive/threatening behaviour
  • Stress management
  • Information on mental illness
  • Support with and implementation of the mental risk assessment

As part of a cooperation between the Language Teaching Institute and the International Center, Bergische Universität Wuppertal is offering a free introductory course in Ukrainian to complement the aid measures for people seeking protection and refugees from Ukraine. The course is aimed at students, staff and citizens who would like to make a supportive contribution as helpers and volunteers and meet people seeking help in their native language. Basic knowledge and a basic understanding of the Ukrainian language are taught.

Details course offer:

  • Format: Online course
  • Period: 21.04.22 until 21.07.22
  • once a week, always on Thursdays
  • from 16:00 to 19:00

Previous experience is not required.

Click here to register for the course.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Annette John at ajohn[at]

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