The University of Wuppertal is a modern, independent university in the Humboldtean tradition. As a university, it is committed to the search for truth in full awareness of its social responsibilities. A cornerstone of its ethics is that the pursuit of knowledge can only be undertaken by free and self-determined persons, and hence the noblest task of academic teaching is to educate people to the responsible acquisition and application of knowledge.

The University of Wuppertal is at the forefront of international research in various fields. At the same time, especially in the areas of training and transfer, it is aware of its regional roots. It sees its overall mission in the understanding and shaping of society, culture, technology and nature in their continuously changing forms.

The University of Wuppertal understands university teaching as a process of dialogue between teachers and students. It sets great store on critical reflection, social judgment and empowerment to action in the service of education. It seeks to educate its employees as well as its students to the highest standards, so that they can fulfill their future tasks in a democratic society, in teaching and research, and in their individual professions.

In this context it is a central goal of the university to develop future-oriented research and teaching profiles that are on the one hand based on established strengths in specific fields, especially interdisciplinarity and innovation, and on the other open to the ongoing issues of education, knowledge and research. The continuous growth of academic and scientific excellence in the framework of the strategic focus areas outlined below entails increasing activity in the development of national and international networks. The university’s commitment to such development is based on the conviction that in the wake of increasing globalization the international exchange of experience, transnational research cooperation, and intercultural competence are of ever-increasing importance.

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