Marketing advisory council

Prof. Dr. Tobias Peter Langner, Schumpeter School of Business and Economics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulli Barth, School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Gräsel, School of Education
Prof. Dr. Rolf Koppmann, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Markus Clemens, School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stein, School of Humanities
Prof. Martin Topel, School auf Art and Design
Wiss. Ang. Andrea Bauhus, Central Student Advisory Office
Wiss. Ang. Marion Rose, School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering
Dr. Christel Hornstein, Gender equality commissioner
Dr. Maren Wagner, Press Office
Dr. Christine Hummel, Central Student Advisory Office
Verw. Amtsrätin Andrea Bieck, Dez. 3
Hendrik Stelzenbach, UNImarketing, University communications
Nanny Exler, Grafik-Abteilung, University communications

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