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Vice-President for International Relations and Diversity

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Gräsel

E-mail: prorektorin4{at}



As part of the university management, the Vice-President for International Affairs and Diversity deals with the international and strategic orientation of the University of Wuppertal. The Vice-President's main tasks include providing strategic consulting for international projects and assisting the deans and schools with the formulation, arrangement and implementation of their international activities. The goal is to create synergy effects and open up new teaching and research activities abroad.

National and regional clusters have been established on the basis of defined quality standards, cooperative preferences and mobility preferences in keeping with the university’s internationalisation profile. Because of their regional competence, the national and regional commissioners appointed by the Rectorate function as contacts and multipliers both internally and externally.

A working group with the name “International” has also been set up to implement the complex internationalisation process. The school representatives support the strategic area of internationalisation and also function as multipliers in the schools.

Many scientists are actively intensifying their international relationships by expanding their international teaching and research activities and cultivating international contacts and friendships. Together with the International Office, the Vice-President would like to actively support you in these endeavours and will gladly act as a contact.


Internationalisation fund

The university management regularly allocates a budget of central funds in order to support the internationalisation of studies and teaching, international networking, intercultural skills, the improvement of support structures and to increase the university’s international visibility. Information on applying for funding is available here.


Guidelines for establishing international university partnerships

Guidelines and information on formalising international university partnerships are provided on the website of the International Office.