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4764 x 3163 pix; 1,02 MB
(c) Friederike von Heyden
5676 x 3465; 1,68 MB
(c) Friederike von Heyden

Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Lambert T. Koch

Prof. Dr. Andreas Frommer,
Vice-President for Academic Affairs

4586 x 3050 pix; 1,25 MB
(c) Friederike von Heyden

Prof. Dr. Michael Scheffel,
Vice-President for Research, Third-Party Funding, and Graduate Studies

4800 x 3200 pix; 1,20 MB
(c) Friederike von Heyden

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Kahl,
Vice-President for Finance, Planning and Transfer

2000 x 1611 px; 2,12 MB
(c) Friederike v. Heyden

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Gräsel,
Vice-President for International Relations and Diversity

2000 x 1303 pix: 1,44 MB
(c) Jepp/Hänsel

Dr. Roland Kischkel 
Vice-President for Administration and Finance

3000 x 2068 pix; 2,96 MB
(c) Jepp/Hänsel

Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch
and Dr. Roland Kischkel

2362 x 1182 pix; 2,41 MB
(c) Denise Haberger