Scientific research and development, the gain of knowledge and the newly generated knowledge are not an end in themselves, but serve the further development of our society. The transfer of the results to the public, economy, politics and social institutions is of central importance. With the "Bergische Transfergeschichten" (Bergisch Transfer Stories), the Bergische Universität shows in an exemplary way how researchers contribute to the region with their work, network with other partners and thus actively shape society.

Recent articles

German traces in Rome

Photo from left to right: Michael Schwedt, Jonathan Huppertz, PD Dr. Arne Karsten History
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The Economic Ideas of the Vatican

Prof. Dr. Hans Frambach / Economic Science
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Zum Beitrag

Strategy Games and their Mathematical Component / Prof. Dr. Kathrin Klamroth, Dr. Michael Stiglmayr and Konstantin Kraus (Mathematics)

Can artificial intelligence change power structures? / Prof. Dr. Peter Imbusch (Sociology of Politics)

The interplay of culture, ecology and technology in architecture / Prof. Enriqueta Llabres-Valls (holder of the fifth "Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid Visiting Professorship" at Bergische Universität)

Deadwood project in the state forest Burgholz / Prof Dr. Willi Kling (Management of chemical processes in industry and analytical chemistry)

Images in Christian Art / Dr. Angelika Michael (Protestant Theology)

The thinking horse from Elberfeld / Dr. Heike Baranzke (Theological Ethics of Catholic Theology)

Studium generale / Prof. Dr. Rita Casale (Human and Social Sciences)

Photo exhibition FEEL-THE-HOUSE / Prof. Georg Giebeler (Architecture)

Urban Subcultures / Apl. Prof. Dr. Anne-Rose Meyer (German Studies)

Family Economics / Prof. Dr. Christian Bredemeier (Applied Economics)

Textbook takes up corona problem / Dr. Jens Boenigk (Biodiversity) and Prof. Dr. Martin Simon (Molecular Cell and Microbiology)

The Devil in Religion and Society / Dr. Thomas Wagner (Protestant Theology)

Fungi / Dr. Helga Mölleken (Chemistry)

Sex education in schools / Dr. Anna Hartmann (Educational Science)

Witches / Apl. Prof. Dr. Anne-Rose Meyer (German Studies)

The calculation of coincidences / Prof. Dr. Barbara Rüdiger (Stochastics)

Faith and Politics in Israel / Dr. Carsten Schliwski (Protestant Theology)

Pascal's triangle / Prof. Dr. Margareta Heilmann (Mathematics)

Fear spaces in Wuppertal / Dr. Tim Lukas (Civil Protection and Disaster Relief)

Gold and Silver in Medicine / Prof. Dr. Fabian Mohr (Inorganic Chemistry)

Founders in a gold-rush mood / Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann (Business start-ups and economic development)

Political Systems / Dr. Volker Mittendorf (Political Science)

Animated films for teaching / Prof. Dr. Katrin Hahn-Laudenberg (Human and Social Sciences)

Ancient physical culture / Dr. Steffi Grundmann (History)

Do animals have a soul / Dr. Heike Baranzke (Theological Ethics of Catholic Theology)

Learning to judge / Prof. Dr. Rita Casale (Human and Social Sciences)

Teachers must be performers / Christa Warnke (Music Education)

Authenticity assurance made in Wuppertal / Prof. Dr. Bela Gipp (Data & Knowledge Engineering)

Political Influence of Pop Music / Dr. Antonius Weixler (German Studies)

The correspondence of the Friedrich Engels family / Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lukas (German Studies)

Computer programs for automotive industry / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher (Mechanical Engineering)

Die Kunstwelt der Renaissance / Ap. Prof. Dr. Michael Rohlmann (Allgemeine Kunstgeschichte)

Fördermaßnahmen mathematischer Begabungen / Prof. Dr. Ralf Benölken (Didaktik und Geschichte der Mathematik)

Interdisziplinäre Aufgaben des Gestaltens / Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder (Design und Kunst)

Comics / Privatdozent Dr. Christian Klein (Germanistik)

Frühkindliche Mehrsprachigkeitsförderung / Prof. Dr. Natascha Müller (Romanistik)

Sexualisierte Grenzverletzung im Breitensport / Prof. Dr. Bettina Rulofs (Sportsoziologie)

Meinungsfreiheit in der Katholischen Kirche / Prof. Dr. Michael Böhnke (Systematische Theologie)

Kundenverhalten vor, während und nach der Pandemie / Prof. Dr. Stephan Zielke (Walbusch-Stiftungslehrstuhl für Multi-Channel-Management)

Lignin: eine Alternative zur Petrochemie / Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Kling (Management chemischer Prozesse in der Industrie und Analytische Chemie)

Neue Wege in der RNA-Forschung / Prof. Dr. Martin Simon (Molekulare Zell- und Mikrobiologie)

Mehrsprachigkeit an Schulen / Prof. Dr. Sara Hägi-Mead (Institut für Bildungsforschung in der School of Education)

Kinderrechte ins Grundgesetz / Prof. Dr. Gertrud Oelerich (Sozialpädagogik)

On the exciting discovery of a city and its walls / Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Vieweger (Biblical-Archaeological Institute)

On the impossibility of fulfilling a dying wish / Dr. Heike Baranzke (Theological Ethics of Catholic Theology)

On guiding and directing the traffic of the future / Jun.-Prof. Dr. Antoine Tordeux (Security Engineering)

How citizens could benefit from tax reforms and the international stock market / Prof. Dr. Claudia Neugebauer & Prof. Dr. André Betzer (Economics)

On the track of crowds / Prof. Dr. Armin Seyfried (Computer simulation for fire protection and pedestrian traffic)

A part of society lives "on the edge" / Prof. Andreas Kalweit (Industrial Design)

Everyone can talk about music... / Dr. Barbara Roth (Music Education)

Slope-following or slope-forming: The history of terrace houses / Dr. Uta Gelbke (Architecture)

"Research is not allowed to do everything" / Prof. Dr. Michael Scheffel (Chairman of the Ethics Committee)

A very special property of biology is... life / Prof. Dr. Gela Preisfeld (Biology)

"We must rediscover our faith" / Prof. Dr. Kurt Erlemann (Protestant Theology)

Plants from all over the world in the Bergisches Land / Prof. Dr. Gertrud Lohaus (Botany)

Colorful and achromatic times in architecture / Prof. Dr. Annemarie Neser (Design and Art)

Discovering the author in the mirror of his works / Dr. Stephan Nowotnick & Marie Cravageot (Romance Studies)

Regional basic research leads to cooperation with the German Aerospace Center / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai-Dietrich Wolf (Institute for Safety Systems)

"The task is actually to create structural conditions that make it easier for people to behave more sustainably" / Prof. Dr. Karoline Augenstein (Political Science)

Choir and Orchestra of the Bergische Universität defy the performance ban with successful videos / Christoph Spengler (Director of the Choir & Orchestra of BUW)

Man and Environment: Where Geography Becomes Tangible / Prof. Dr. Britta Stumpe (General Geography)

Language diversity in schools is a resource / Prof. Dr. Jasmin Decristan (Institute for Educational Research)

I fell in love with trace elements / Prof. Dr. Julia Bornhorst (Food Chemistry)

"The field of popular culture has a lot to offer science" / Prof. Dr. Birgit Spengler (American Studies)

"The safety engineer is not the boring person in the white coat" / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manuel Löwer (Product Safety and Quality)

Picasso's artistic response to the Second World War / Prof. Dr. Tatjana Tönsmeyer (History)

A Bergisch daughter on the English throne / PD Dr. Georg Eckert (History)

The man who found Golgotha / Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Vieweger (Biblical-Archaeological Institute)

"When you go to Zambia, you enter another world" / Prof. Dr. Maria Anna Kreienbaum (Human and Social Sciences)

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