Third Mission in Summary

Within the University of Wuppertal’s overall research & knowledge transfer strategy, the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office is tasked with “collating the various research & knowledge transfer activities under a series of thematic rubrics and making them available for internal and external communication purposes (excerpt from Research & Knowledge Transfer Strategy Section 5 “The Organisational Implementation of the University of Wuppertal Research & Knowledge Transfer Strategy”)

This remit is approached in several steps. In the first step, basic data is collated about Third Mission projects at the University of Wuppertal. This is done based on Pasternack’s concept of modular accounting (Henke, et al., 2016) and involves the collation of benchmark data, documents, key figures and project successes in a database as part of a core reporting processes. In the second step, case studies are produced for each project, which are published to enhance and raise the profile of the university. The final step is to identify suitable mensuration tools for measuring the outcome and impact of Third Mission activities. These impact analyses may be used in conjunction with the important feedback in future to provide good arguments in favour of ongoing and sustainable collaboration between the university and society at large.

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