Civil Life Project

The Civil Life Project (CLiP) is a platform initiated in the context of the Third Mission, which is designed to actively support the engagement of University of Wuppertal students and staff with the community at large and to make any related findings and outcomes accessible to the public in a suitable manner. Based at the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office, the CLiP is primarily concerned with projects and research & knowledge transfer activities of an altruistic nature. The various spheres of activity encompassed within the transfer strategy (communication – consultancy – application) provide the framework for CLiP operations: increased visibility of social engagement (communication), innovation and consultation services for social projects (consultancy) and bringing project partners together (application) represent just a small selection of the objectives being pursued by the CLiP. “Third Mission activities (...) as by-products or at the interface to normal research and teaching activities (...) represent a point of intersection between the main and voluntary commitments of the individual Third Mission sponsors” (excerpt from Research & Knowledge Transfer Strategy Section 5 “The Organisational Implementation of the University of Wuppertal Knowledge Research & Knowledge Transfer Strategy”). The CLiP is an attempt to decrypt these overlaps to raise the visibility of social engagement and to ensure that it is acknowledged to a greater extent than is currently the case. The CLiP is designed to encourage an even greater commitment and motivate people.

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