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Study and exams - FAQs

On this page you will find answers to the most important questions on the winter term 2020/21.

Information concerning the organization of the university in these tims, on health protection and much more can be found following the link current measures.

Lecture period


Which lectures and seminars can be held on campus? (01/20/21)

Any teaching in attendance is no longer permitted by 15th February 2021 including laboratory and workshop practical training, individual artistic instruction, and artistic practice.

Only exception: practical teaching in sport.

Category: Vorlesungszeiten

Presence at the university


Can I meet with study groups at the university? (01/20/21)

No. This is not allowed by 15th February 2021.

Category: Präsenz
How can I reach the ZIM if I need to renew my electronic access? (12/15/20)

The user help desk is currently closed.  You can reach it by phone on 0202 439 3295 or by e-mail zimber{at} Further information about the service of the ZIM.

Category: Präsenz
Can I use the internet café or the IT training rooms at ZIM?

No. The Internet café and the IT training rooms are still closed. Further information about the Service of the ZIM.

Category: Präsenz
What sports activities are currently available at the university?

Information on the activities offered can be found on the university sports pages Corona-FAQ.

Category: Präsenz

Information on your study program


How will I be kept up to date about the course of studies?

For general information, please check this website on a regular basis and follow the university's social media channels. If necessary, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs will also inform you by e-mail via his newsletter.

Information on the individual study programs including FAQs can be found on the websites of the respective departments. If necessary, they will also inform you by e-mail.

Category: Kommunikation
Do the departments have any further information?

Yes, all departments provide further information on their own web pages.

Category: Kommunikation
Who can I contact if I have any suggestions?

Please send your suggestions to sose2020-corona{at} or e-teaching{at}

Category: Kommunikation
Where can I find the Vice-President for Academic Affairs Newsletter?

The list of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs Newsletter is available here.

Category: Kommunikation



Am I allowed to recrord ZOOM meetings for future use?

No. Courses which are taught using a video conferencing system will inevitably transmit audio and video material of fellow students and teachers which would then also be recorded. Recording is only allowed if all participants explicitly agree. They can revoke their agreement at any time.This also applies if you want to record just for private use.

Category: Prüfungen
How can I reach the central examination office?

Physical consultation hours are currently not available. You can reach the staff at the central examination office by phone or e-mail contacts.

Category: Prüfungen