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Summer Term 2020 – Uni@Home: Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the corona crisis, all courses scheduled for the summer term 2020 will be completely switched to distance learning (Uni@Home) until further notice.

On this page you will find answers to the most important questions as well as contact details for further information.

Information concerning the organization of the university in these times, on health protection and much more can be found under the link Current measures.

Lecture period


Will there be any teaching on campus in the summer term 2020?

University lectures and seminars will be implemented into the Uni@Home program and thus offered as distance learning courses.

Category: Vorlesungszeiten
Will there be any exceptions?

Since 20th April 2020 it is allowed to provide some practical trainings; especially in natural sciences and engineering.

Participants will be informed by an email.

Category: Vorlesungszeiten
Will the lecture period in the summer term 2020 be extended beyond the scheduled time due to the late start?

No, the lecture period will end on 17 July 2020.

Category: Vorlesungszeiten
What about the non-lecture period at Pentecost (week for field trips) from 1 to 6 June 2020?

This summer term the non-lecture period at Pentecost is suspended. As an exception all courses will be held in the week after Pentecost at the times scheduled. This applies regardless of whether we will still be in Uni@Home mode at that time or whether first steps towards teaching lectures and seminars on the campus might be considered.

Category: Vorlesungszeiten

Information on your study program


How will I be kept up to date about the course of studies?

For general information, please check this website on a regular basis and follow the university's social media channels. If necessary, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs will also inform you by e-mail via his newsletter.

Information on the individual study programs including FAQs are currently being compiled on the websites of the respective departments. If necessary, they will also inform you by e-mail.

Once you have registered for your courses in Moodle you will receive further information about your lectures and seminars there (see also next point).

Category: Kommunikation
Where can I find class materials and further information regarding my courses?

Courses offered in the summer term 2020 can be found online in <WUSEL>,  and will be created as Moodle courses which can be accessed via the following link <>.

Category: Kommunikation
Do I have to register for courses on Moodle?

Although not obligatory, registration is strongly recommended as it is the only way to ensure efficient communication between lecturers and students in the context of distance learning. Please bear in mind that in larger courses individual email communication has to be restricted to a minimum for practical reasons.

Category: Kommunikation
Who will help me if I cannot find my course?

In all departments the members of the QSL network are ready to help you. Please use the following link to get in contact. <Kontakt QSL-Netzwerk>

Category: Kommunikation
Do the departments have any further information?

Yes, all departments provide further information on their own web pages.

Category: Kommunikation
Who can I contact if I have any suggestions?

Please send your suggestions to <sose2020-corona{at}> or <e-teaching{at}>.

Category: Kommunikation



What about exams?

Exam regulations of our previous winter term can be found under the following link <FAQ Zentrales Prüfungsamt>.

The university aims to set exams for all courses studied in the summer term even if they will have been partly or fully offered in Uni@Home mode. The necessary regulations for this are being developed at the moment.

Category: Prüfungen