Prepatory German course

The Sprachlehrinstitut (SLI) of the University of Wuppertal offers a limited number of foreign-language applicants who can prove that they have a university entrance qualification for a Wuppertal degree program the opportunity to participate in (full-time) German courses that prepare them for their studies. A fee of 500 euros per semester is charged for participation.

German courses are offered at the following levels:

    A2 - C1

Assignment to a course is made after a placement test. The courses take place throughout the year with 38 teaching and examination weeks and a minimum of 18 hours per week. Two levels can be studied and completed per semester. For individual advice regarding the language courses offered, please contact the Sprachlehrinstitut.

Since the number of applications for the German course regularly exceeds the number of available places, the university makes a selection.

Applications must be submitted via uni-assist within the official application deadlines, indicating the desired field of study on the application forms for admission to studies.


FAQ German language course

The German language course is intended as preparation for the DSH examination. With this exam you fulfil the language requirements for studying at BUW. Here you will find information on what other requirements you need to meet in order to study at BUW.

In principle, all language levels from A2-C1 are offered, but please note that due to the number of participants, not every course can take place every semester.

For level A1, an online language learning course will prospectively be offered on the Moodle platform at the end of the winter semester 2021/22.

The participation fee of the language course is 500€ per semester (regardless of the level).

With the result DSH-2 or DSH-3 you prove the required German language skills for studying at BUW.

In order to change from the German course to the specialised study programme, send an application for a change of study programme (insert link) to the International Student Office. Your application will be reviewed. When changing to a

  •        Bachelor's programme with open admission: You will be transferred to the programme.
  •        Admission-restricted Bachelor's programme: You must first submit an application for admission "Antrag nc_intern" (by 15 January for the summer semester, by 15 July for the winter semester). Only if you are admitted in the selection procedure will you be transferred to the specialised study programme.
  •         Study programme with aptitude test procedure: The responsible examination board must first confirm your subject-specific aptitude.
  •         Master's degree programme: The responsible Master's examination board must first confirm your subject-specific suitability.

Mit dem Ergebnis DSH-2 oder DSH-3 weisen Sie die erforderlichen Deutsch-Sprachkenntnisse für ein Studium an der BUW nach.

Um vom Deutschkurs in das Fachstudium zu wechseln, schicken Sie einen Antrag auf Studiengangänderung (Link einfügen) an das Internationale Studierendensekretariat. Ihr Antrag wird geprüft. Bei einem Wechsel in einen…

    • zulassungsfreien Bachelor-Studiengang: Sie werden in das Studium umgeschrieben.
    • zulassungsbeschränkten Bachelor-Studiengang: Sie müssen zunächst einen Antrag auf Zulassung stellen (bis zum 15. Januar für das Sommersemester, bis zum 15. Juli für das Wintersemester). Nur bei einer Zulassung im Auswahlverfahren werden Sie in das Fachstudium umgeschrieben.
    • Studiengang mit Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren: Der zuständige Prüfungsausschuss muss zunächst Ihre fachliche Eignung bestätigen.
    • Master-Studiengang: Der zuständige Master-Prüfungsausschuss muss zunächst Ihre fachliche Eignung bestätigen.

Yes, you have to be present at the German language course regularly, otherwise you will be removed from the course list and you will be exmatriculated.

Yes, you are fully enrolled with us, receive a student ID and can also use the semester ticket.

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