Export Control in Science and Research

Export control of potentially critical goods, including technology, software and sensitive know-how transfer, is an important instrument for preventing and responding to foreign and security policy risks. The regulations of foreign trade law apply equally to private individuals (e.g. scientists) and legal entities (universities, research institutions, manufacturing companies, etc.).

At the international level, lists of particularly critical goods are coordinated. Their uniform control is to ensure that they do not contribute to a WMD (weapons of mass destruction) programme.
Some states try to obtain such strategically relevant knowledge and, if necessary, pass it on profitably to other states. Therefore, you should not close your eyes to the risks and dangers of (un)conscious participation (proliferation risk).

Every scientist and every research institution must assume their own responsibility in the area of export control. On the one hand, this concerns the export of goods (e.g. laboratory equipment, test equipment), in particular the export of embodied technology (in e-mails, on data carriers, in clouds, etc.), and on the other hand, the non-embodied ("intangible") transfer of knowledge, the transfer of know-how, i.e. so-called "technical assistance". This responsibility cannot be delegated.

In the case of corresponding or questionable processes, the intended admission/supervision of external academics for research activities at the university, etc., a sanction list check (compliance) is therefore required in advance in every case. Your contact person for this at the university is Department 1.4, Mr. Draeck.


As the centrally responsible administrative and licensing authority, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) implements the security concerns and foreign policy interests of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of foreign trade law within the framework of the Federal Government's political guidelines.



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